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Seeds of Greatness

Greater Works Ministries is a multi-faceted congregation who has fitted itself well by utilizing a unique and innovative approach to ministry. In a few short years, organizer and pastor, Darryl Winston have led the congregation in several community-based projects that have drawn local, state and even national coverage. Greater Works Ministries offers ministries ranging from spiritual, social and economic, thereby providing a holistic approach to ministry.


SOG Youth Ministry is designed to minister to children at their individual levels. We desire to train up children according to the word of God and equip them to be social, economical, physical, and emotional assets to society. Our children are encouraged to exercise their gifts in the five-fold ministry. Among numerous outreach components, the youth ministry hosts “Club Judah” a Christian teen club, monthly Youth Rap Sessions, a Youth Ministry Teen Summit, as well as Youth Praise and Worship Services. They also participate in the media department, ushers ministry, dance ministry, ministry of helps, drama ministry, Christian Education, and music ministry.